Welcome to RubyBoo Records, the new home of  contemporary jazz artist Willis Wilson
and vocalist Traci Tota.  Each of these artists has received rave reviews and is committed to
continuing to provide music that soothes the mind, body, and soul.

"Having our own independent label allows us to create and record music that directly reflects our
artistic vision without compromise. "
                                - Willis Wilson and Traci Tota

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What is RubyBoo Records?

RubyBoo Records is a new independent label that fuses Jazz, Rhythm & Blues, and Funk
to create a force with contemporary urban  style. This label was formed in the memory of
the late Ruby V. Tota. Her love for life and music prompts us to dedicate our music in her
memory as gratitude for her tremendous gift of love and support......
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RubyBoo Records
this ain't your ddaddy's jazz...
this ain't your
daddy's jazz...
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God Bless the Child
Good Morning Heartache
In The Morning
I Know...
Never Again
Ruby's Interlude
God Bless the Child